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600 heart

I really hate the date night solution:  the idea that you keep a relationship happy and healthy through regular date nights.  Okay, so don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think there’s anything remotely wrong with a couple organising a babysitter and going out to a restaurant or a movie for the evening.  If you manage […]

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A major problem with the human mind is how quickly we think of the big, the grandiose, the larger than life, and then get stuck there.  So, in wanting to show our partner how much we love them, we think of going on a date to a fancy restaurant or buying an expensive present, not […]

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Merry Christmas

I love Christmas.  I love Christmas trees covered in baubles, houses bedecked with lights, Christmas carols, shortbread, snow globes,  Christmas movies, tiny trains driving in circles past tiny houses…  But it is more than that.  I love marking the end of a year with such joy, spending time with my family and reconnecting with friends.  […]

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Here’s a little game that I like to play with myself.  During those tough parenting moments  — the 2am strolls up and down our hallway, the entirely inconvenient and loud tantrums, the discovery of a glorious mess – I reach deep into my own heart and I find the love I feel for my daughter.  Now […]

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Showering love on your child, in other words, giving your child plenty of attention and affection and responding to their (developmentally appropriate) requests for more attention and affection has many benefits.  It will help to develop your child’s confidence, to strengthen your relationship with your child (a boon for other aspects of parenting), and increase […]

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