Unconditional love

To me, one of the most wondrous aspects of parental love is the sheer unconditionality of it. We fall madly in love with our children before we even know, in any real sense, who our children are. Parental love is wide open, spacious and infinitely curious to discover.

It can be tempting, oh so tempting, to fill that wide open space with our own hopes and dreams. To a certain extent, that is probably inevitable. Humans struggle to remain in contact with the unknown and it is natural for parent’s to want the best for this children (and we all have pre-existing ideas, from our own life experiences, of what the best might be).

Yet, there is something so precious and wondrous in that wide open, spacious and curious love. I can’t help but think that one of the key tasks of parenthood is to maintain that as much as possible.

Apply it in your life: Can you contact that wide open, spacious and curious love for your child?


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