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I’m currently participating in a series of podcast interviews with Nicky from Practical Research Parenting.  The latest podcast is part one of the Possums Sleep Intervention.  During this podcast, I discuss the new approach to parent-infant sleep that I developed working with Dr Pamela Douglas, and that is in use at the Possums Clinic. You […]

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baby with dummy

The instinct to suck is present moments after birth and plays a crucial role in supporting babies’ early growth and development.  Like sexual behaviour, sucking has a predictable developmental trajectory.  It is strongest in infancy and gradually fades as children age.  There are individual differences in the degree to which children suck and how the […]

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Not only do professionals, researchers and the media persist in describing particular baby behaviours as more or less ‘independent’; but they also encourage parents to think that the ‘independent’ behaviours are superior.  Parents are encouraged to waste precious time and energy making their baby ‘independent’.  So the baby who suckles to sleep sucking his thumb […]

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Becoming Mum front

Becoming Mum

With much excitement and joy, I’d like to announce the ‘birth’ of my new book: Becoming Mum. Becoming Mum is a truly unique self-help book.  It is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood, empowering them to become the kind of mother they wish to be. Becoming […]

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