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Good parenting is an artful mix of loving, responsive, sensitive caregiving on one hand, and discipline, raising expectations and teaching new skills on the other. Both are needed. Many of our stuff ups as parents can be understood as getting the mix wrong. Maybe we realise that we expected far too much of our child […]

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If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make my blood boil it is hearing baby boomers make vague and sweeping claims about the use of technology by the current generation of parents. I’ve heard many horror stories over the years. I’ve even heard these horror stories from experienced health professionals at professional conferences. Horror stories […]

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Responding to the Critics

Many parents feel bombarded by unwelcome criticism and judgment, from family, friends, professionals, even society at large. How can you learn to cope with criticism without destroying your own confidence or damaging your relationships with others? Firstly, remember that you are the parent. Whatever roles other people have in your child’s life, you are the […]

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The relationship between a parent and child is a multifaceted thing, perhaps particularly in the modern world. You will play many roles in your child’s life – parent, teacher, coach, therapist and friend. Even stripped back to its essence the role of parent still contains multiple interweaving strands of nurturance, encouragement, and discipline. So, how […]

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One of the most incredible and unique aspects of being a parent, just at this point in human history, is the fact that we are saturated with parenting rules.  One hundred years ago, parents may have received advice from their own family, their neighbour, and their local doctor or nurse.  Nowadays the shoulds of parenting […]

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I’m currently participating in a series of podcast interviews with Nicky from Practical Research Parenting.  The first podcast focuses on why Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is useful to parents and how ACT can help you to manage anger as a parent.  To access this first podcast click here: Angry Parents Part One

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The consistency myth

Everyone knows that parents need to be consistent.  But what exactly does being consistent mean?  The trouble is the word ‘consistent’ conjures up images of parents rigidly acting in the exact same way, following exactly the same detailed rules, inflexibly sticking to the same script day after day.  It suggests that one deviation, on one […]

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