Parenting is a 24/7 job and you can’t be at your best 24/7.   I know that I am capable of providing my toddler with a day filled with a whirlwind of enriching and stimulating activities and outings, while simultaneously keeping my household running, encouraging her emotional development and responding to any challenges along the way […]

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Showering love on your child, in other words, giving your child plenty of attention and affection and responding to their (developmentally appropriate) requests for more attention and affection has many benefits.  It will help to develop your child’s confidence, to strengthen your relationship with your child (a boon for other aspects of parenting), and increase […]

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It is so easy for us as parents to get side-tracked by the latest short-term goals. We may start feeling that our latest short-term goal, whether it is introducing solid food, independent sleeping or managing temper tantrums, is what we are parenting for. We may even begin to feel that our very worth as parents […]

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