Koa 4My name is Koa Whittingham and I am a psychologist with specialisations in both clinical and developmental psychology, a research fellow at the University of Queensland and a mother.  I am also the author of a new book that offers psychological support for the transition to motherhood: Becoming Mum.  Drawing upon my knowledge and experience as a psychologist, a parenting researcher and a mother, I blog about parenting once a fortnight in my blog Parenting from the Heart.  As a psychologist and a parenting researcher, I am passionate about the application of the latest developments in Contextual Behavioural Science, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to parenting.  In Parenting from the Heart I share my professional knowledge and personal experiences in parenting with love, acceptance and compassion.  Join me in my quest to relish the joy of parenting, to love my child (and future children) with an unrelenting passion and to be the best parent I can be.  My blog can be followed by email, facebook or twitter.