Many women choose to breastfeed their baby and want to maintain breastfeeding for a specific length of time.  Yet, many women also fall short of their own personal goals around breastfeeding or find themselves struggling with breastfeeding at some point.  I’d like to share my advice, as a psychologist and as a breastfeeding mother, on […]

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I live in Australia and, since my last blog post, our Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered a national apology on behalf of the Australian Government to parents and children affected by forced adoption practices in Australia from the 1950s to the 1970s.  At that point in Australia’s history, unmarried mothers were expected to relinquish their […]

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Showering love on your child, in other words, giving your child plenty of attention and affection and responding to their (developmentally appropriate) requests for more attention and affection has many benefits.  It will help to develop your child’s confidence, to strengthen your relationship with your child (a boon for other aspects of parenting), and increase […]

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